“Design and Violence (coffee)” silkscreen is back

A new silkscreen edition in gray is now available in the shop.


February 2, 2018 – Artist Talk
at Literaturhaus Frankfurt, with Andreas Platthaus (F.A.Z.)
7:30 PM

Running through Januar 7, 2018 – Waiblingen, Solo Show 
at Galerie Stihl,
September 23, through Januar 7, 2018

Running through January 20, 2018 – Berlin, Solo Show 
at Galerie Max Hetzler
November 10, through January 20, 2018


The 3 color silkscreen “Beinsteiner Tor, Waiblingen” is now available here.

My solo show at Galerie Max Hetzler in Berlin will be on view through 01/20/2018. More infos here.

My solo show at Galerie Stihl in Waiblingen will be on view through 01/07/2018. More infos here.

Steven Heller wrote a review about my past show at the SVA Gallery, New York, for the DesignObserver. Read the full article here.

We are happy to announce that our self-published artist book “Conversations” will be reprinted soon!

More infos here.

“The Circle” silkscreen is back.
A new silkscreen edition in red/blue is now available in the shop.

New Print “DUMBO, Brooklyn”

A dusk and a night edition of “DUMBO, Brooklyn” is now available.

My solo show at the SVA Gallery, New York, will be on view through 11/4. More infos here.


A new color edition of the Coffee silk screen print is available!
More info here


A collection of travel drawings, portraits and still lifes.

May 2017, Diogenes Publishers, Zurich

New cover for The New Yorker, plus a 360 VR animation.

Solo show at the Cartoon Museum in Basel.
May 6, through October 29, 2017

The NETFLIX documentary ABSTRACT (with a whole episode on my work) is streaming now.

Solo Exhibition at colette in Paris. Vernissage April 3, 6 p.m.
Show runs through May 6, 2017.
(And yes: a new color edition of the Eiffel Tower silk screen print will be available!)

Drawings from a recent trip to the Algarve.

Studio feature on Freunde von Freunden, interview by Liv Siddall with terrific pictures by Robbie Lawrence.

New cover for The New Yorker

Menu Series and Print

Animated fall cover for the New Yorker.

Been in my hotel room for 8 hours and the carpet is still loading.

Two animated postcards from the beach.
The unsettling feeling of enjoying time off, while the world around is going mad.

See the entry at the New Yorker.

My Travels with the Curse of Maracana,

Animated web essay for the New York Times.

Read it here.

For the MoMA project “Design and Violence”

An animated response to Yosuke Ushigome’s “Commoditised Warfare”.

Animation for The New Yorker

A look into Chris Christies secret Control room.

“How The NSA Almost Killed The Internet”

Solo show at Galerie Max Hetzler
in their new spaces at Goethestrasse 2/3 in Berlin Charlottenburg.
Opening on 11/23/2013, through 1/25 2014.

New York Times Magazine
Dave Eggers “THE CIRCLE”

Drawing for Dave Eggers’ forthcoming novel, excerpted in the New York Times Magazine. To read the story (and see some of the images animated, triggered by scrolling) please click here.

Google Doodles for the first day of summer and the first day of winter.

Tribute to Maurice Sendak
Abstract Sunday Lives issue

For the New York Times year-end issue “The lives they lived: Maurice Sendak”.
Based on the radio interview on NPR with Terry Gross.