New York Drawings
ink on paper

Unfortunately the drawings from this collection are already sold. If you are interested send a blank email to to obtain the link to the gallery. If you want to receive updates on new available pieces, please add a short note with your email. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

We released a special edition calendar with high res art prints of some of the most popular ink drawings.


Soho (Crosby Street)

Reflection of Long Island Bar


Reading in Queens

Landing in EWR

Canal Street

In the yard (Book Fair)

Times Square

Bleeker Street

Empire State Building over Bryant Park

55-59 Chrystie street, Chinatown.

I used to have a studio on the 4th floor. Queasy memories include the entrance being sealed one morning, after the NYPD had raided a secret brothel two floors below, and a (as it turned out terribly constructed) sewage pipe that ran above our bookshelf.

On the plus side: I later learned that the Beastie Boys have a song titled 59 Chrystie Street.

It all evens out.

On of the best bars in New York: Jimmy’s Corner

Manhattan Bridge/ D.U.M.B.O.


Wall Street

Verrazano Bridge


For more drawings from Los Angeles, check out the book ‘Hopes  & Dreams‘.

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