Los Angeles (Hopes & Dreams)

“In late November last year, I received a text message from my friend Philipp Keel. “I’m seeing David Hockney in Los Angeles next week,” he said. “Do you want to come along?” Ignoring all the sensible reasons not to embark on a trip from Berlin halfway around the world, I went and booked a ticket straightaway.”

The next 4 days Christoph spent walking the city, drawing, and hoping that the meeting would actually take place.

An artist book with the story and all the images is available here.

A selection of these ink drawings is available for purchase in our online shop. If you are interested send a blank email to collection@christophniemann.com to obtain the link to the gallery. If you have further questions on not available pieces, don’t hesitate to contact studio manager Christian Lindemann.

Santa Monica Boulevard

Standard Hotel

Taco House #1

No Stopping




Grand Central Market



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