Travel drawings

Ink on Paper

We regularly make new ink drawings available in our online shop. If you are interested send a blank email to to obtain the link to the gallery. If you have further questions on not available pieces, don’t hesitate to contact studio manager Christian Lindemann.

Lanchonete, 2019

Rodovia, Sao Paulo, 2019

Beetles, 2019

Sao Paulo II, 2019

Lidingö, 2019

Catedral of Sevilla, 2019

Barossa Beach II, 2019

Atlantic Ocean, Andalucìa, 2019

Dunes, Spain, 2019

“I love going to museums. Even though I don’t understand most of the art, the experience is always uplifting. And when a painting hits me, it’s so such a profound experience, that I keep visiting them over and over. The light in the Turbine Hall at the Tate modern can easily compete with the great cathedrals (IMHO).”

Tate Modern, 2019

“Afterwards I visit my Holbeins at the National Gallery, and end my tour with Turner’s impressionist master piece.”

Turner’s Rain, Steam and Speed at the National Gallery, 2019

Before the Storm (Berlin, Kreuzberg), 2019

Train Ride through the Alps, 2019

Lunch Break, 2019

The Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico

Lucha Libre, Mexico

Streetview, Rhodes

Lindos, Rhodes

Rhodes, New Town

Arc de Triomphe de la Porte d’Aix (Marseille)

Lady Ratan Complex (Mumbai)

Gate of India (Mumbai)

Gate of India (Mumbai)

Sky over San Francisco

Stanley Park, Vancouver

At the Met, New York

Brooklyn Last Night I

Kosciuszko Bridge

In the Shade, Andalucia

Palm Tree, Andalucia

Mezquita, Córdoba

Damp towel at dawn





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