Impertinent Collection

I spent a week at the Museum of Modern art in NYC. Without a proper plan a started doodling and taking pictures of my sketchbook interacting with the artworks. A version of this illustrated column was originally published in The New York Times Magazine.



Henri Matisse, monotypes

Roy Lichtenstein, ‘‘Girl With Ball’’ (1961)

Franz Kline, ‘‘Chief’’ (1950)

Niele Toroni, ‘‘Imprints of a No. 50 Paintbrush Repeated at Regular Intervals of 30 cm’’  (1971)

Ad Reinhardt, ‘‘Abstract Painting’’ (1957)

Vincent van Gogh, ‘‘The Starry Night’’ (1889)

Barnett Newman, ‘‘Broken Obelisk’’ (1963-69)

Sol LeWitt, ‘‘Standing Open Structure, Black’’ (1964)

John Barnard and Ferrari S.p.A., ‘‘Formula 1 Racing Car (641/2)’’ (1990)

Henri Rousseau, ‘‘The Sleeping Gypsy’’ (1897)

Bridget Riley, ‘‘Current’’ (1964)

Alberto Giacometti, ‘‘Tall Figure, III’’ (1960)

In the staff elevator

Security camera

Marcel Duchamp, ‘‘Bicycle Wheel’’ (1951)

Thank you to the staff at MoMA and the editors at the NYT Magazine for helping with the administrative challenges of this inspiring project!

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