Ten years ago, I printed my first silkscreen edition (Brooklyn Bridge Yellow). It started as a promo idea for a book, but I totally fell in love with the technique.

Initially it was the bold, physical colors and the ability to print white that drew me to silkscreening.

After a while I started playing with transparencies, and eventually worked on ways to translate the looseness and spontaneity of an ink drawing into a printed edition.

Unfortunately I don’t have the amazing skill and experience to print these editions myself. I rely on professionals in Berlin, like Shining Labor, Handsiebruckerei or Lars Lenhardt for that. But I enjoy being part of the process (meaning: I stand next to the  press in awe, driving everybody mad with yet another request to add a splash more Cyan or transparency paste).

You can find some of these prints in our Online Shop.

You can find some of these prints in our Online Shop.

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