“ZOO” by Christoph Niemann

Published by Abstractometer Press.
Design by Ariane Spanier.

Hard cover book, linen, 122 pages
31 x 24 cm (12.2 x 9.5 inches)
1st Edition 2021

Each book is signed and comes with a print:
“Uhu”, one color letterpress
signed, 29,6 x 21 cm

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“In mid December the second lockdown had been going on for more than a month. The weather had been featureless for weeks. The odd drizzle, a brief, misleading ray of sunshine touching the tops of trees. I had walked all the walks originating at our house ad nauseam, when i learned that both Berlin zoos were open to public. […] When I booked the ticket online I realised what an obvious metaphor this all was: an animal confined in a small space, unable to interact with any of the other creatures behind the fence.”

The following weeks during lockdown Christoph spent carving and drawing animals and zoo-/cityscapes in his studio.

“Uhu”, one color letterpress,
signed, 29,6 x 21 cm

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