by Christoph Niemann

Hard cover book, linen, 240 pages
24,6 x 20 cm (9.7 x 7.9 inches)
1st Edition 2022

Each book is signed and comes with an original letterpress print:
“Inspiration”, 2 color letterpress
signed, 23 x 19 cm

Published by Abstractometer Press
Design by Ariane Spanier

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With over two hundred illustrations “IDEA DIARY” takes you on a journey into Christoph Niemann’s experimental creative work. The book presents a collection of humorous drawings that are based on witty, ironic and sometimes dark observations on everyday life.

14 chapters depicting the variety of Christoph’s modes of storytelling. Please be aware: after looking through the book, various new neurological connections might have developed.

“I don’t try to convey new information. I rather try to open the drawers with all the knowledge the reader already has, and rearrange it in an interesting way”  – Christoph Niemann

“The goal of these drawings is to tell the biggest story using the smallest amount of information.” – Christoph Niemann

“Inspiration”, 2 color letterpress
signed, 23 x 19 cm

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