Art edition calendar “On the road II”

A collection of 13 extra high res hybrid offset prints on matte paper, spiral bound. We have kept the design as minimal as possible. Each drawing is solely annotated with the month and a description of the location. Without referencing specific dates or the year, it can be used as a perennial calendar. The last page contains an overview of all images and cover.

Cardboard Case

44×32 cm
The calendar presented in an purple cardboard portfolio, embossed with a reflective foil artwork.

33,5 x 25 cm  / 13,2 x 9,4 in
The calendar comes with one signed silkscreen print
“Seaside”, 2 color silkscreen, signed
on 300 gr Munken paper

Ariane Spanier

Published by Abstractometer Press.

Available exclusively here

Card board case, embossed with metallic foil

Cover (Großer Stern, Berlin)


Downhill, Austria

Rhine, Basel

Willow, Potsdam

Copper Mountain, California

Café near Gare de Lyon, Paris

Harbor, Palma de Mallorca

Teotihuacan, Mexico

Ponza Island, Italy

Paradiso Perduto, Venice

Immenstaad, Germany

Crosby Street, NYC

Badbruck, Dawn

Index Page

Silkscreen “Seaside” (signed)

Calendar available exclusively here

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