I’ve spent a bit more time working on canvas recently. The most obvious advantage to working on paper is that not every stroke is final, and that you can add layers and layers until you’re happy with the result. What I enjoy most though is something else: the surface of canvas has so much more resistance than paper. This makes the painting process more physical. On paper I’m used to always treading lightly. On canvas you can step on the gas and not be afraid to break anything.
An other interesting upside of canvas is that very large formats become easier to handle. The big horizantal black and white landscape is a silkscreen print on canvas (350 cm wide x 160 cm tall, on three panels, editoin of 10). A glass frame for a work on paper at that size is all but impossible to build. The strechter frames are much lighter and can be reassembled.

Most importantly: I’m madly in love with the deep black on the subtle canvas texture.

These works are not available in our online shop. If you’re interested please contact gallery director Thekla Mellau at tm@christophniemann.com

City Lights
Acrylic on canvas

Bouquet & shopping List

Acrylic on Canvas


345×155 cm
Edition of 10

3 panels, silkscreen on canvas

Brooklyn Bridge

Inc and acrylic on Canvas

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