I’m a day person — I’m even a bit suspicious of nights. Too mysterious, forbidding, no orientation, no proper grid.

Maybe there’s also an artistic reason: a day scene is more conducive to being drawn. I remember being frustratrated as a child, attempting to draw an even night sky with felt tip pens.

Living in Berlin, one has to get used to little daylight for a few months. I had to find my peace with all this darkness. Over the years I was even able to to find  joy in the mess of multiple light sources, both natural and artificial.

Most importantly: I love the idea of midnight. In the middle of all the darkness, an invisible switch is flicked, and time is reset. A new day, week, year. Out with the old, in with the new.



Dahlem, Berlin

New York City

Wooster Street, New York City

Large format silkscreen. Available here.

Notre Dame, Paris

The Hollywood Roosevelt, L.A.

(A silkscreen version of this drawing comes with “Hopes & Dreams”, a book with drawings from Los Angeles. Available here.).

Observatory, Los Angeles.

Large Format silkscreen. Available here.

Lützowstrasse, Berlin

Berlin Midnight

Silkscreen. Available here.

Lucky Bar, Los Angeles.

(From “Hopes & Dreams”, a book with drawings from Los Angeles. Available here.).


Kaikoura, New Zealand

Brooklyn Bridge Park

” Voices of Change Night”
Silkscreen. Available here.

Bad Gastein, Austria

Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse, Berlin

Large Format silkscreen. Available here.

Night Stroll on Faro

Santa Monica

Tour Eiffel

Atlantic Ocean


We released a special edition calendar with high res art prints of some of the most popular ink drawings.

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