Es gibt nichts Gutes, außer: Man tut es

Erich Kästner is one of Germany’s most wonderful authors. He wrote classics like “Emil and the Detectives” and “Lottie and Lisa”. His books were banned by the Nazis (he witnessed the burning of his own books in Berlin). His publisher, Heinz Maschler founded Atrium Publishers in Zürich in 1935 to keep Kästner’s books in print.

“Es gibt nichts Gutes” is a collection of Kästners aphorism, first published in 1950. A new edition with 43 drawings by Christoph Niemann was released 2015.

The drawings were subject of a solo show at Gallery Max Hetzler. Read a review of the show on Art Observed.

On an effusive muse

On the difference between good intentions and actual deeds

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On doctors and patients

On futile geniuses at Gallery Max Hetzler

On futile geniuses

On fate

On killing time

On life threatening life

On some things that happen, and others that do not.

Show at Gallery Max Hetzler

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