Mural for Horst-Janssen-Museum in Oldenburg

Christoph has transformed the facade of the Horst Janssen Museum in Oldenburg into a luminous work of art. The 50-metre-long wall drawing entitled “Current Lines” shows a person drawing, which gives a different image during the day than at night. The installation was illuminated for the first time in the evening hours of 23 November 2023. In the course of the new construction of the neighbouring city museum and the associated building site, the art project sees itself as an opportunity for an unusual change of perspective. In this phase of upheaval, the building of the Horst Janssen Museum itself becomes a canvas.

Special thanks go to the director of the museum, Dr. Jutta Moster-Hoos, BunteWände from Ibbenbühren, Protones from Lüneburg and architect Martin Hösl from Weiden

Photos: Andrey Gradetchliev and Studio Christoph Niemann

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