Sketchbook Portugal

Sketches from a recent trip to the Algarve, Portugal.
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On the Way to the beach

When I find a scene that intrigues me, I take a quick reference photo with my phone. The final drawing happens back in the hotel room (to work with these very liquid inks, I need to have my sketchbook on a perfectly flat surface).

I found that I’ve become more content with my travel sketches ever since I stopped trying to finish them on location. I always felt rushed, and having a few hours to let the impression sink in, helps finding the essence of the scene I want to convey.

The market in Olhão.

Butcher in the Olhão meat and fish market.

In the garden

Night stroll in Faro

At the pool

At the pool II

Miradouro in Loule

Main drag in Loule

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