New York Drawings

Recent New York Drawings.
Brush and Rohrer drawing ink on water color paper.

35,5 x 26,7cm (14 x 10.5 inches)

A selection of this series will be available for purchase on Friday December 14, at 3 pm Berlin time/ 9 am New York time. To obtain the link to the online gallery please send an email to

Soho (Crobsy Street)

Bleeker Street

Empire State Building over Bryant Park

55-59 Chrystie street, Chinatown.

I used to have a studio on the 4th floor. Queasy memories include the entrance being sealed one morning, after the NYPD had raided a secret brothel two floors below, and a (as it turned out terribly constructed) sewage pipe that ran above our bookshelf.

On the plus side: I later learned that the Beastie Boys have a song titled 59 Chrystie Street.

It all evens out.

Jimmy’s Corner

On of the best bars in New York.

Manhattan Bridge/ D.U.M.B.O.


Wall Street

The High Line at 15th Street

Verrazano Bridge

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